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Refurbished Laptops

Discover an unparalleled selection of refurbished laptops from renowned brands including Lenovo, HP, and Dell, catering to all your computing needs.

-10% Intel i5 (11th Generation)
Dell Latitude 13 3330 - Main 2
Dell Latitude 13 3330 - Side Profile

Dell Latitude 13 3330 Laptop – Intel i5 1155G7 (11th Gen) – 8GB RAM – 256GB SSD – 13.3″ FHD Display – Win 11 Pro – Refurbished

Original price was: £495.00.Current price is: £445.50.
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-14% Intel i5 (10th Generation)
Microsoft Surface Laptop Go - Main

Microsoft Surface Go 12.4″ Laptop – Intel Core i5 1035G1 – Platinum – Refurbished

Original price was: £295.00.Current price is: £255.00.
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-8% Intel i5 (10th Generation)
Microsoft Surface Laptop Go - Main

Microsoft Surface Go 12.4″ Laptop – Intel Core i5 1035G1 – Platinum – Refurbished

Original price was: £245.00.Current price is: £225.00.
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Refurbished Laptops for Every Need

Whether you’re in the market for a powerful gaming laptop featuring Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors, or a dependable business laptop with robust Core i5 or Core i7 specifications, our inventory offers quality devices at affordable prices. Explore models like the HP ProBook for business-oriented tasks or Dell XPS for a balance of business features and cutting-edge technology, all available with significant discounts.

Exceptional Quality and Assurance

Every refurbished laptop in our collection, from budget-friendly entry level models to high-performance Ryzen and Intel Core devices, undergoes rigorous testing to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards. Enjoy peace of mind with comprehensive warranties ranging from 90-day to 3-Year repair or replace warranty, ensuring your investment is protected. Our Grade A – Excellent laptops come in like-new condition, boasting excellent cosmetic condition without external blemishes, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Affordability without Compromise

Grade A Technology is committed to providing our customers with exceptional devices at unbeatable prices. Experience the biggest difference in refurbished technology with our A-Grade laptops, which offer the perfect blend of performance and price. Enjoy cheaper laptop options without sacrificing quality, with features such as HD screens, Wi-Fi connectivity, and significant memory capacity. Our selection includes devices suitable for every budget, from affordable laptop options to high-end models for tech enthusiasts.

Sustainable Choices with Fast Delivery

Choosing a refurbished laptop from our extensive selection not only saves you money but also contributes to reducing your carbon footprint, aligning with environmentally conscious decisions. With options ranging from affordable Hewlett Packard models to high-end Lenovo and Dell computers, you can find the perfect device that suits your needs while embracing sustainability. Benefit from Free shipping to next business day delivery options, ensuring your refurbished laptop arrives at your delivery address promptly.

Why Choose Grade A Technology

Since our inception in 2013, Grade A Technology has been a leading provider of refurbished laptops, known for our vast selection, exceptional customer service, and commitment to quality. Our customers enjoy free mainland UK delivery, secure payment options including PayPal Credit, and the guarantee of receiving a device that offers the same great quality and performance at a fraction of the brand-new price tag. Trust in our customer reviews and our high customer retention rate which reflect our dedication to excellence and value.

Embrace the smart choice with refurbished laptops that offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, free delivery services, and the assurance of a 1-year warranty on many models. Whether you need a laptop with a Core i9 for intense computing tasks, a Wi-Fi enabled laptop for on-the-go connectivity, or a business laptop with a comprehensive warranty for complete peace of mind, Grade A Technology delivers quality, affordability, and satisfaction to all our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a laptop is labelled as refurbished, it means that it has been previously owned or used and has undergone a process of restoration and refurbishment to bring it back to a fully functional and operational state. This process involves thorough testing, repairs, and cleaning to ensure the laptop meets high-quality standards.
Yes, refurbished laptops can be reliable. Reputable sellers, like Grade A Technology, ensure that all refurbished laptops undergo comprehensive testing and inspection to ensure they are in proper working condition. Additionally, warranties are often provided to offer further reassurance. While there may be slight signs of previous use, refurbished laptops can provide excellent value and performance at a more affordable price compared to brand-new laptops.
Refurbished laptops often offer a significant discount while still providing reliable performance. Buying a refurbished laptop is environmentally friendly as it reduces electronic waste by giving a second life to a previously owned device.
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